About Our Founder


Hello, my name is Tamar. I am the founder of Tata & Darling. 

I grew up on a farm in New Zealand and am the youngest of 10 children. I’ve been an aunty since I was 1, and have more than 40 nieces and nephews. I get a lot of inspiration from my big, beautiful family, including the name Tata & Darling.

“Tata” means Aunty in French, and as soon as I heard it I knew it was the first part of my business name. Aside from the fact that I thought it sounded super cute, for as long as I can remember I have been called “Aunty”.

The second part of the name, “Darling”, was inspired by my passion for women’s rights and women’s worth. After overcoming my own struggles and insecurities as a woman, I have come to firmly believe that we are all ‘darlings’ and we all have the same worth. A worth that is not defined by where we come from, or what we achieve, but that is embedded in each and every one of us in our very nature.

With this at the heart of T&D I decided to set this business up as a social enterprise to intentionally help empower and improve the lives of abused women through partial profit distribution. 10% of Profits are donated to 3AngelsNepal to help prevent women from being forced into the human sex trade. I figured why not take something we all love and all do, like shopping, and use it to make a difference?

I live an incredibly blessed life. I have a loving beautiful family, wonderful friends and an epic husband. I’m healthy and fortunate enough to live in a privileged country where opportunities are limitless. I’m thankful to have so much, I want to make it count.

Thank you to every single one of you ‘Darlings’ that has supported me this far.

I look forward to sharing more of this journey with you. 

Love always,

Tata x