Our Products

Handwoven Basket Bags

Tata & Darling brings you a collection of beautifully handwoven and handmade bags made by local Artisan men & women using only the best natural resources from the tropical island of Bali. A lot of arduous work, skill and care has gone into the intricate weaving of each bag, they are then baked for 48 hours over coconut husks which gives them that beautiful deep brown colour.

Metal Bags

We are proud to be stocking Metal bags From St Xavier. We are inspired by their social and ethical consciousness. 

From St Xavier is a handcrafted statement clutches and bags label with a social and ethical conscious. The high-spirited, ever-evolving Australian brand prides itself on the unique and unexpected, blending glass beads, semi-precious stones, resin, natural metals and other premium materials into an eclectic range of signature clutches and bags. 

Each piece explores the revival of the traditional Indian techniques of embroidery, hand beading, sequins and metalsmith making taking an artisan up to four days to finish a single design. The handcrafted process means that each From St Xavier piece has unique characteristics and will differ slightly in appearance, making it a one-of-a-kind collectible. 

With an innate sense of ethics found at the core of From St Xavier, we take pride in upholding the responsibilities of fair trade and investing in underprivileged communities. As such, all products are handmade in the North of India under strict industry regulations; generating sustainable income and empowering over 1,000 men and women.


We are proud to be stocking Jewellery from S-kin Studio Jewellery . We love that they have affordable pieces that wont irritate your skin. 

S-kin (pronounced skin) Studio Jewellery is a fine jewellery brand that focuses on high quality every day jewelries that do not hurt your skin. Our jewelries are intended for every day use; they are timeless in design and are adorned by your sisters, your mum, and grandma. Our mantra for jewellery is that they compliment your skin, not turn it green. 

S-kin is easy to fit into your every day lives, even in the shower. S-kin breathes femininity and sophistication on the wearer. S-kin encourages the wearer to explore and experience new pieces and styles and incorporate them into their every day lifestyle through its subscription experience. 

Inspired by country Victoria and natural Australian landscapes, our designs are timeless and essential, simple yet sophisticated, and endearing yet bold in its ways.